Mother’s day gifts for dog moms on their special day outdoors

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Dog Moms in 2024 – Ideas Guide

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Mother’s day gifts for dog moms

As one of the many devoted dog moms, dog lovers, and pet parents out there, I’m always on the lookout for the best dog mom gifts for fellow dog mamas. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the special bond between a fur mama and her furry friends with some paw-some Mother’s Day gifts for dog moms.

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As we get ready for a happy Mother’s Day, you’re likely searching for a perfect gift that reflects the deep love and affection shared between pet moms and their four-legged best friend.

Whether you’re shopping for a sentimental gift for your dog parent mom, a dog mommas friend, or a pet owner family member, we’ve created a list of the best gifts for Mother’s Day for dog moms that are sure to make her day extra special.

So, let’s get into it and help you find one of the perfect dog mom Mother’s Day gifts today.

Best mother’s day gifts for dog moms - ideas guide 2

1. Dog-Themed Handmade Necklace for Dog Moms

Mother’s day gifts for dog moms with friends

Show your appreciation for the dog mom in your life with the perfect Mother’s Day gift of beautifully handmade pieces of paw print necklaces.

Whether you select a sterling silver or gold personalized necklace, your dog mom will love this great gift idea of paw prints jewelry that she’ll cherish forever.

2. Personalized Dog Mug for a Heartwarming Gift

Mother’s day gifts for dog moms at a party

Whether your favorite lady just earned dog mom status or is one of the many seasoned dog owners, they will love personalized dog mugs for their morning cup of coffee.

Whether on National Dog Mom Day or a day in average daily life, every sip of her morning coffee will be a reminder of the unconditional love she shares with her furry friend.

3. Make a Donation to a Pet Rescue 

For a heartwarming Mother’s Day gift for a favorite dog mom, make a donation to dog rescue organizations in her honor.

This thoughtful dog mum gift not only celebrates her love and compassion for dogs but also contributes to a cause close to her heart.

Mother’s day gifts for dog moms flowers

By supporting rescue organizations, you’re helping provide shelter, medical care, and a second chance at life for dogs in need. 

The good news is your donation can make a meaningful impact on the lives of furry companions and their future families.

4. Warm a Dog Mom’s Heart with a Good Book

Treat your favorite dog mom to a heartwarming book about dogs that will bring joy and laughter to her special day.

Whether it’s the latest version of a book of heartwarming tales of extraordinary dogs doing hard work or practical guides on pet care, these good books are great options for a thoughtful gift that she’ll enjoy.

5. GPS Trackers are Practical Dog Mom Gifts

Gift your best dog mom some peace of mind with a GPS tracker for her best canine companion.

With real-time location updates, she can rest easy knowing that her beloved pet is safe and secure, whether they’re out for a good time walk or on a grand puppy adventure.

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6. Gift Great Dog-Themed Throw Pillows for Mom Home Decor

Add a touch of canine charm to any dog mama’s home with dog-themed throw pillows.

Whether adorned with bright colors of paw prints or a custom pet portrait on a pillow, these decorative pillows will brighten up any home decor space and warm her heart.

7. Paw Print Photo Frames are Cherished Dog Mom Gifts

Help her preserve precious memories with a great dog-themed photo frame.

Whether displaying candid snapshots or posed portraits, select some frames that are made-to-order items for a beautiful way to celebrate the special bond between a dog mom and her fur-ever friend.

8. Engraved Pet ID Tag is a Personalized Gift Idea

Ensure her furry friend always stays safe and stylish with personalized engraved dog tags.

Customize these great dog gifts with the dog’s name, contact information, or a heartfelt message for a thoughtful and practical Mother’s Day gift idea.

9. Gift Rear Seat Covers for the Dog Mom on the Go

Keep that great dog mama’s car clean and pet-friendly with rear seat covers designed specifically for dog moms on the go.

Gift ones that are durable, waterproof, and easy to install for a practical gift she’ll appreciate.

10. Gift a Dog Backpack for Dog Mom Adventures

Mother’s day gifts for dog moms wrapped up

Encourage doggy adventures with mom by gifting a stylish and practical dog backpack.

Perfect for both carrying your dog and human essentials like water bottles, poop bags, and dog treats during hikes or day trips, this Mother’s Day gift is sure to delight both the dog mom and her adventurous pup.

11. Pooch-Approved Presents: Plush Toys and Full-size Bags of Treat Fun

Grab that dog mom’s furry friend some fun and practical gifts like plush toys, a lot of treats, or a dog puzzle.

Create a puppy gift basket filled with great treats with natural ingredients and even a snuffle mat for some pooch-approved dog mom presents.

12. Gift Customizes Pet Portraits for a Dog Mom

Mother’s day gifts for dog moms with gift tags

For a heartfelt and sentimental Mother’s Day gift that celebrates the cherished bond between a dog mom and her furry companion, gift customizable pet portraits

These personalized artworks capture the unique personality and essence of a beloved pet, creating a lasting memento that holds immense sentimental value for all the dog mamas. 

13. Dog Stuffed Animal: A Cozy Companion for Dog Moms

Give that dog loving mom a gift of a cozy companion with a dog stuffed animal.

Whether it resembles her own furry friend or is an adorable canine character, this thoughtful gift is sure to bring her comfort and joy.

14. Gift a Mother’s Day Dog Bed for Her Favorite Pup

Mother’s day gifts for dog moms at home

For a cozy and practical Mother’s Day gift for dog moms that will surely delight, gift a new dog bed.

Whether you select an orthopedic dog bed, a waterproof dog bed, or even an outdoor-approved dog bed, this thoughtful gesture shows your appreciation for both the dog mom and her beloved furry companion.

A high-quality dog bed not only provides a comfortable spot for a dog to rest and relax but also promotes their overall well-being by offering support for their joints and muscles.

Whether it’s a luxurious orthopedic bed for an older dog or a plush, stylish bed to match the home decor, you’re giving the gift of comfort and love to both the dog and their devoted mom. 

15. Gift a Photography Dog and Mom Session for Timeless Memories

Capture precious moments with a professional photography session for her and her beloved fur baby.

Mother’s day gifts for dog moms from the dog

Whether it’s posed portraits or candid snapshots, these timeless memories will be treasured for years to come.

15. Plan a Dog-Friendly Weekend Getaway for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Dog Moms

Arrange a dog-friendly weekend getaway for her and her furry friend to enjoy together.

Mother’s day gifts for dog moms on their special day outdoors

Choose a pet-friendly destination with plenty of outdoor activities for a memorable and bonding experience.

16. Stay Connected with Furbo Mother’s Day Gift Idea for Dog Moms

Keep her connected on Mother’s Day and every day with her furry friend with a Furbo Dog Camera.

With features like two-way audio and treat tossing, she can check in on her pet and interact with them, no matter where she is.

17. Order a Dog Subscription Gift Box for Dogs

Surprise her with the gift of ongoing joy with a dog subscription box.

Each month, your favorite dog mom will receive a selection of treats, toys, and accessories for her furry companion, ensuring that the celebration lasts all year long.

18. Gift a Pet Keyring for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Dog Moms

Mother’s day gifts for dog moms at an outdoor party

For a truly unique and heartfelt Mother’s Day gift for a dog mom, consider gifting a dog wood slice keyring or a metal dog keyring

Crafted from wood and adorned with an intricately engraved feature, this keyring is not only a practical accessory but also a cherished keepsake.

Every time she reaches for her keys, she’ll be reminded of the unconditional love and companionship her dog brings into her life.

Best mother’s day gifts for dog moms - ideas guide 1

Final thoughts

These Mother’s Day gift ideas for dog moms are sure to make her day extra special and show her just how much she’s loved and appreciated.

Whether it’s a personalized paw print jewelry keepsake, a custom dog keyring a customized mug, or a Furbo dog camera, each gift is a heartfelt tribute to the unique bond between a dog mom and her furry best friend.

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Your turn

Are you shopping for a special dog Mom? Which of these Mother’s Day gifts for dog moms are you gifting this year? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I love these ideas! My sister is a new dog mom so I can’t wait to spoil her this Mother’s Day!

    1. I hope your sister enjoys her first Mother’s Day as a dog mom!

  2. Aww these are so adorable. I wish someone sends these gifts for my pet ;D

    1. I hope your pet is able to receive some fun gifts this year, too!

  3. Great gift ideas! A dog mom would love to get any of these.

    1. I’m glad you like the gift ideas for dog moms!

  4. Love this! As a dog mom, I would love any of these 🙂

    1. I’m excited you love these dog mom Mother’s Day gift ideas. I hope your pup brings you something fun this year!

    1. I totally agree! Fur mums should be celebrated for as well. I’m so glad you love the Mother’s Day dog gift ideas.

  5. I have two sons and one dog from the shelter. A donation to pet rescue is a really great idea, and I’ll do that this Mother’s Day.

    1. I’m so glad you like the idea of donating to a pet rescue this Mother’s Day. I hope you have a great Mother’s Day with your sons and pup this year!

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