getting a new puppy after using the pet fund savings tracker

Free Printable Pet Fund Savings Tracker Coloring Pages

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Are your kids begging for a new four-legged furry family member? If you want to teach your kids how to save money for a new puppy, you’ll love this free puppy printable. Keep reading to get your kids a free printable pet fund savings tracker today.

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Adopting a new dog or puppy can bring unexpected costs and expenses for a family.

From new puppy essentials to pet vet appointments to dog food to puppy grooming expenses, the cost of owning a pet can add up quickly. 

pet fund savings tracker

So, saving up for a new puppy is important to ensure the new family furry companion receives the best care.

But, how can you help your kids understand how much money they need to save before bringing home their new dog?

That’s where our free printable pet fund savings tracker coloring pages come in. 

These puppy printable pages combine the fun of coloring with the practicality of tracking expenses, making it easier to understand how much money has been saved.

Whether adopting a puppy or a senior dog, our savings tracker coloring pages help your child keep engaged tracking the progress to getting their furry friend and everything they will need. 

So, get ready to welcome a new puppy soon with these free printable pet fund savings tracker coloring pages today.

Free Printable Pet Fund Savings Tracker Coloring Pages 2

1. Discuss with Your Kids How to Save for a Puppy

Teaching your children about pet financial responsibility and the value of saving money is an important life lesson. 

One practical way to introduce this money saving concept is to discuss with your kids how to save for a puppy. 

pet fund savings tracker discussing how to use it with kids

Having a pet requires a financial commitment, and involving your children in the process can instill a sense of responsibility and make them proud to have a pet. 

Start by explaining the costs associated with owning a pet, such as food, veterinary care, leashes, dog beds, pet grooming, and dog toys. 

Encourage your children to set pet savings goals and create a game plan to contribute toward these goals. 

By involving your kids in the financial parts of adopting a pet, you not only teach them the importance of saving money but also foster a sense of empathy and understanding regarding the needs and responsibilities that come with adopting a dog.

2. Plan How to Save with Your Kids Using Free Printable Pet Fund Tracker Coloring Pages

Utilizing a pet fund tracker can be a helpful tool to teach your kids valuable money savings skills while working toward a new puppy goal. 

This practical approach allows children to visually track their puppy saving progress and understand the connection between saving and achieving their desired outcome of welcoming a new furry family member. 

pet fund savings tracker fun for kids

A pet fund tracker provides a clear and organized way for your kids to record their money saved and see how their savings are growing over time. 

This fun visual hands-on experience not only helps your children grasp the concept of budgeting and saving but also encourages patience, as they witness their efforts accumulate toward the ultimate goal of welcoming a new dog to their family. 

3. Grab Some Colored Pencils or Crayons to Enjoy the Pet Fund Savings Tracker Coloring Pages

Engaging your children in the pet fund savings journey can be made even more fun with the addition of some colorful creativity. 

pet fund savings tracker with colored pencils

Providing your kids with colored pencils or crayons allows them to personalize and bring to life their pet fund savings tracker. 

This interactive savings activity not only enhances their artistic skills but also creates a sense of ownership and pride in their savings progress. 

4. Easily Download Free Printable Pet Fund Savings Tracker PDF File

To make the process of tracking and managing your kid’s pet fund savings even more convenient, we offer an easy download printable puppy savings tracker. 

pet fund savings tracker easy to download and use

With just a few clicks, you can download and print the pet savings tracker, giving you the flexibility to print multiple copies for multiple kids. 

Keep reading to grab your free printable pet fund savings tracker coloring pages below.

5. Easily Print the Personal Use Puppy Savings PDF Printable Tracker on Your Home Printer

Printing the puppy savings pdf file tracker on your home printer is a convenient and cost-effective way to access and utilize this valuable savings resource. 

With just a few simple steps, you can have a physical copy of the tracker at your fingertips. 

pet fund savings tracker easy to print

Simply click below, check your email, download the PDF file on your computer, select the print option, and choose your printer as the designated device. 

Adjust any necessary print settings, such as paper size or orientation, and then hit the print button. 

In no time, you will have a high-quality PDF printable pet savings tracker that your kids can color according to their puppy money savings journey. 

6. Decide How Much Each Printable Coloring Dog Bone Equals in Money

When using the free printable pet fund savings tracker coloring pages, the next step is to assign a specific monetary value to each coloring bone. 

This step allows your kids to track and visualize their progress toward their pet fund savings goals. 

pet fund savings tracker picking the amounts for the savings

To determine the value of each coloring bone, consider factors such as the total cost for a puppy and divide it out among the number of coloring bones on the printable tracker.

By deciding how much each coloring bone equals in money, you can transform your puppy coloring tracker pages into a practical tool for monitoring your kid’s pet fund savings journey the fun way.

7. Show Your Kids How to Use the Free Printable Pet Fund Savings Tracker

One exciting aspect of using the free printable pet fund savings tracker coloring pages is the opportunity to involve your children in the process. 

showing how to use a pet fund savings tracker

By encouraging them to color in the bones as they make progress toward the ultimate goal of a puppy, you can teach them valuable lessons about financial responsibility and patience. 

As they see the bones gradually fill up all the way to the coloring dog house, they will understand that saving money takes time and effort – but the goal is within reach. 

8. It’s Time to Adopt Your New Puppy

Once all the bones are colored, it’s time to color the dog house and go adopt your new puppy or senior dog.

getting a new puppy after using the pet fund savings tracker

Now that the free printable pet fund savings tracker coloring pages are complete, take pride in the fact that your kids were able to achieve their puppy goal through careful planning and saving money. 

We hope they embrace this new chapter as your family welcomes a new four-legged family member into the home.

Grab your free printable pet fund savings tracker below.

Free Printable Pet Fund Savings Tracker Coloring Pages 1

Final thoughts

We hope this free printable pet fund savings tracker coloring pages are a great tool for your kids to track their puppy savings and budget for their new furry friend. 

Not only do savings trackers provide a fun and creative way to stay organized, but they also provide an easy-to-understand savings goal for kids. 

So go ahead and download these fun coloring pages today to start your kid’s pet-saving journey.

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Your turn

Is your family saving for a new puppy soon? Have you ever used a free printable pet fund savings tracker coloring pages with your kids? Did they enjoy using it? Let me know in the comments.


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