Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of all Ages more toys

10 Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of All Ages

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If you’re a dog lover, you probably have some dog-loving children at home who would enjoy some easy dog crafts for kids of all ages. So, keep reading for some fun DIY dog crafts that every part of the family will enjoy.

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The family dog is a loyal companion that loves unconditionally and is truly man’s best friend.

So, what better way to honor your favorite pup than with some easy peasy puppy crafts?

Whether you have older kids or younger kids there are some great easy dog craft ideas to have fun with while making some pet crafts for your dog.

If you’re looking to create dog toys for your pup or want to express your love for dogs through the perfect craft, we’ve got you covered.

Easy crafts for dog owners are an excellent way to have a good time doing a great craft with your children.

Plus, the best part is these DIY arts and craft projects allow your kids to show their love of dogs while practicing their artistic skills and make some dog accessories or a great keepsake.

Bonus for the artsy craftsy mom in the family – some of these crafts featured are not only easy for younger children but also fun and budget-friendly.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll find great handmade dog crafts that you and your kids can enjoy creating all while enjoying some quality time (even for a little while) circled around being an animal lover.

10 Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of All Ages pin 1

So – let’s get into it!

We’ll explore various fun dog crafts that are perfect for lots of kids of all ages. Gather up some craft supplies, the dog-loving kids, older children, and little kids, and get ready to make some fun.

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1. Make Dog Paper Bag Puppets

One of the fun craft ideas we have for you is making dog paper bag puppets.

This is an excellent activity for both kids and parents, and it lets you create a unique animal puppet that can be used for entertainment and decoration.

To make the paper bag dog puppet, you’ll need a brown paper bag, construction paper in various colors, scissors, glue, and markers or crayons.

Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of all Ages paper puppets

You could also grab some googly eyes, pom poms as well as a popsicle stick or two for some extra creativity.

Also, another great thing is to grab some watercolor paint for added fun.

Begin by cutting out dog ears, eyes, nose, and mouth from the piece of paper.

Next, glue them onto the paper bag to create your dog’s face.

Now, cut out paws from the construction paper and attach them to the bottom of the bag.

Finally, decorate the paper bag with additional features, like spots or a collar, using markers or crayons or watercolor paint, then attach the popsicle stick or pom poms for added fun.

This is an easy way to do a dog craft project and a great time to get creative with your kids while also introducing them to some easy dog DIY ideas for simple crafts.

2. Create Toilet Paper Roll Dogs

Making toilet paper roll dogs is a fun and easy craft activity for children of all ages.

The materials required for simple toilet paper roll crafts are not overly involved.

This project is easy to complete on a simple crafty morning – grab some paint, toilet paper rolls, scissors, and glue.

DIY projects like these are a wonderful way for kids to explore their creativity and imagination, while also featuring cute dogs and using ordinary household items like cardboard tubes.

Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of all Ages toilet paper dolls

The process involves painting the toilet paper roll to resemble a dog’s body, cutting out paper ears, and gluing them onto the roll.

Then, kids can add details like googly eyes, noses, and tails using markers or paints.

This toilet paper roll dog craft activity is an excellent way (and a great idea) to encourage children to use their fine motor skills and spark their interest in dogs and art.

3. Design a DIY Dog Leash From Braided Cotton Rope

Creating a DIY dog leash is a fun and practical craft project that will keep your child engaged while also benefiting your furry friend.

A braided cotton rope is an excellent material to use because it is affordable, easy to work with, and provides a sturdy base for the leash.

Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of all Ages dog leash

To begin, your child will need to measure and cut the rope to the desired length.

Then, they can braid the strands together using a simple braiding technique. This will ensure that the finished product is durable enough to withstand regular use and can be customized with different colors to suit your dog’s personality.

Offering much fun, this easy DIY dog leash project is an entertaining and rewarding way for children to learn about crafting, while also enhancing their sense of responsibility and helping to keep their pet safe during walks.

Bonus tip: If your child would like to earn extra money, consider selling some of their projects at local craft fairs or to friends and family.

4. Make Doggy Paper Plate Crafts

A best way to spend some spare time is learning how to make a cute paper plate dog.

This simple and fun craft project is perfect to create with children of all ages and requires minimal supplies – it’s even perfect for a birthday party or simple day at home.

This craft enables children to create a unique and one-of-a-kind paper plate dog (all their own design) that they can proudly display.

Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of all Ages paper plate craft

To begin, you will need a paper plate, brown paint, black construction paper, a black marker, scissors, glue, and a paintbrush.

Once you have gathered all the necessary supplies – let your kids go have fun and be creative.

This is a fun project that your kids can really make their own.

There’s no rules – whether they make little dogs or a big dog on their paper plate project – it’s all their own. The sky is the limit!

5. Make a Dog Tug Toy with Old T-shirts

If you’re looking for a fun and easy craft project to do with kids while also benefiting your furry friend, consider making a tug toy with an old t-shirt.

Not only is this a great way to repurpose old items, but it’s also an engaging activity that encourages kids to reinvent used materials instead of wasting them.

Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of all Ages more toys

To start, cut the t-shirt into strips and tie three of them together in a knot at one end.

Next, braid the strips together tightly, and then tie a second knot to complete the tug toy.

Not only will your small dog or large dog enjoy the new toy, but your children will feel a sense of accomplishment for creating a fun item to be used by their favorite canine companion.

In addition, this simple DIY project is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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6. Create a Rope Toy Using Fabric Scraps

Much like the old t-shirts, creating a rope toy with old fabric scraps for dogs is an inexpensive and fun activity.

With just a few household items kids can create a new toy that will provide endless hours of entertainment for their furry friends.

Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of all Ages toys

To begin, gather some old (or new) fabric scraps, scissors, and a ruler. Cut several strips of fabric, approximately one inch wide.

Next, knot the strips together at one end, leaving a tail of a few inches.

Then, braid the strips together tightly until the end of the strips, and tie them off with another knot.

Finally, trim any stray threads to finish the toy.

The resulting rope toy not only provides entertainment for dogs but also reduces waste by repurposing old fabric scraps.

7. Design Dog Bandanas with a Sewing Machine

One of the next easy dog crafts is designing a dog bandana with a sewing machine.

Best under adult supervision, this craft will help develop basic sewing skills and result in a fun accessory for your furry friend.

If you need some information or a video tutorial, there are some great sewing videos available on YouTube.

Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of all Ages bandanas

To begin, grab a variety of fabrics in colors and patterns perfect for your pup.

Next, you’ll need a sewing machine, thread, scissors, and measuring tape.

To begin the project – first, measure your dog’s neck to determine the appropriate bandana size.

You could also grab some dog collars and use those for a general idea of the measurement.

Next, have your child cut out a triangle shape from the fabric, making sure to leave enough room around the edges for a seam.

Using the sewing machine (with your help), your child will sew the edges together, leaving a small opening to turn the bandana right side out.

After turning it right side out, your child can sew the opening shut, and the bandana is ready to wear.

Your best canine friend will definitely appreciate the effort, and your child will have learned a new skill to use in future crafting projects.

8. Make a Paw Print Salt Dough Ornament

Looking for an easy and fun craft project to do with your kids?

Consider making a paw print salt dough ornament!

This simple and affordable activity requires only a few materials and can be done in just a few steps.

Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of all Ages ornaments

Start by making a batch of salt dough using flour, salt, and water, then roll out the dough and press your dog’s paw into it.

Cut the dough into the desired shape using a cookie cutter, then bake until fully dry.

Once the ornament has cooled, decorate it with paint or markers, and add a ribbon for hanging.

Your kids will love making a special keepsake of their furry friend, and the finished product will make a great addition to your holiday decor or gift collection.

9. Make a Food Puzzle for a Puppy Game

The next idea for easy dog crafts for kids is to try out a fun and interactive activity – make a food puzzle for a puppy game.

This craft is also a game!

A fun idea is also an effective way to promote mental stimulation for dogs, which can improve their cognitive skills and relieve boredom.

Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of all Ages treat game

To create the food puzzle, you need a recycled cardboard box or an empty plastic container, and some dog treats.

A good idea is to grab some peanut butter ones as they are a favorite on the list of dog in most homes.

Your child can use a pen to poke small holes or cut round holes on the sides of the container, and then fill the container with the dog treats.

The challenge for the puppy is to find the treats by nosing or rolling the container, and then retrieve them through the holes.

This fun game activity can keep the puppy entertained for hours all while teaching your child to create a crafty game for the pup.

However, please supervise your child and the puppy during the game to ensure safety for all!

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10. Design a Dog Sweater

Are you needing to take a photo of your dog looking great? Maybe your kids want a fun outfit for the pup to wear during a picture during the holiday season around the Christmas tree?

Perhaps they just want to stay warm in their dog bed with a warm sweater.

Whatever the reason, one of the easiest and most creative dog crafts for kids is to design a dog sweater with old human sweaters from the home.

This is a great way to upcycle old clothes and make something unique for your furry friend.

Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of all Ages sweaters

To get started, you’ll need an old sweater, some fabric scissors, and a sewing machine or needle and thread.

Begin by measuring your dog’s neck, chest, and back length to determine the size of the sweater you need.

Then, with grown-up supervision, cut the sweater into pieces that will fit those measurements, making sure to leave enough room for hemming.

Once you have all the pieces, sew them together to create a cozy and stylish sweater for your pup.

This project is not only fun and easy for kids to do, but it also teaches them about the importance of recycling and caring for our furry friends.

10 Easy Dog Crafts for Kids of All Ages pin 3

Final thoughts

These easy dog crafts for kids are a fun way to encourage creativity and imagination while providing a hands-on activity for kids to enjoy.

With simple materials and step-by-step instructions, kids can make their own dog-themed crafts and decorations, which can be used to decorate their rooms or given as gifts to friends and family.

These simple crafts also provide an opportunity for kids to learn about responsible pet ownership, pet care, and the importance of animal welfare.

If you need a printable template visit the inspiration edit for more great crafting ideas for your kids today. Or check out red ted art for more inspiration on some fun paw prints projects.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather up some materials, set aside some crafting time, and let your kids’ imaginations run wild with these simple and fun dog-themed crafts.

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Your turn!

What are your favorite easy dog crafts for kids on this list? Do you have any extra easy dog crafts for kids of all ages to suggest? Let me know in the comments!

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